JANUARY 2022 / THE FAR AWAY / THE GALLERY AT A+C ARCHITECTS   The sculptures in this show all began with an early fascination with the mountain form. Having grown up in either cities or suburbs, the mountain was always a desired destination for me when I was young—a magical far away place that I only got to visit once in a while. Looking at a mountain, my imagination easily took over, metamorphosing its rock formations and sinews into curious creatures or monsters which often led me into elaborate daydreams. Even now, I still see giant humans or animals when I approach a mountain. My considerable time spent walking through the woods during the last few years brings its own influences into these pieces. Sculptures that at first began as one mass of tubular forms joining together into the shape of a mountain, as in Elephant Hole or Headdress, have evolved to incorporate organic elements and negative spaces of the forest landscape. Tangles of root formations and trees, which I often rely on to help me navigate the woods when I wander off the trail, influence the make-up of the overall silhouette of the sculpture. The mountain and the forest seem to be merging in curious ways, building narratives as they come into their own being.